Southern Girl

Its been two day now since I arrived for my brief visit to my mums, the journey was horrible stressful with all my bags and accumulated with me sat in the middle of Clapham Junction station nearly in tears but I made it down in the end, thanks to the kindness of a lovely man who helped me with my bags. I am always surprised by how people in England have the ability to just ignore someone they see is struggling, whether its someone like me with my bags, a mother with a pram or the elderly. It makes me a little sad to think I live in such a country.

I’ve just had my haircut as a treat from my mum, and it looks like this, what do you all think?

Food at my mums has been fruit I can’t usually afford and so many cups of tea at Costa as I study there whilst she’s at work.

Tonight I cooked dinner for my little sister and I, I made Vegan Eggplant Rollatinis (stuffed with tofu & spinach ricotta) for main, served with homemade tomato and sweet pepper sauce and a salad, and then pancakes for her for dessert.

The pancakes were a chocolate pancake alternated with chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes by Chocolate Covered Katie, covered in chocolate sauce & topped with fresh strawberries, and this is why I’m the best big sister ever.

I’m excited about Sunday, I am cooking dinner for my Mother, her partner and sister, but making a real effort. I’ve planned out a gorgeous menu based on the theme of Autumn so fingers crossed it will go down well, I just wished my sister would eat warm fruit – she refuses to go near it – no apple crumbles, dried fruit in salads or a nice plum in a stirfry, OR BANANAS IN OATS. She doesn’t realise what she’s missing out on. I’m excited because Sunday is also the second day of Vegan Mofo, so cooking my first vegan meal for my family is going to be a good start!

Tomorrow I’m off to London for brunch at Safs in Wholefoods (lucky little girl I am!) then shopping followed by drinks with Jenny in central somewhere and perhaps some lebanese cuisine.

Is anyone else taking part in Vegan Mofo?

Anyone got any reccomendations for Wholefoods buys whilst I’m there – so far some more Cliff bars, another jar of PB & Co….anything else scrummy I should be checking out? I’m stocking up for the Isle of Man next week!

    • I have requests for more of your recipes for sunday dinner dessert for the little one, i love all the single person recipes because the rest of us tend to want a fruit based dessert whilst she wants cake and pancakes, so its made it so simple!

  1. Definitely get Conscious raw chocolate bars – they’re yummy!
    I’m jealous of your visit to Saf 🙂

    • I am rubbish and didnt go to safs in the end, i did however have breakfast, lunch & dinner in wholefoods with different people AND im going back for lunch again today, i am determined to have EVERYTHING!

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